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I now have a dream to buy myself a good car in which I can travel around the world and shoot new cool videos and photos. If you can help me with this and send me any amount of money to realize my desire to buy a car, I would be very glad to receive such a gift from you. Click on the button and send the amount you would like to send me to realize my dream. Warmly thank you for your support.

About Me

Hello. I was born in Ulyanovsk, Russia in 1985. Currently, I live in Germany. In 1990, while still a small child, I was hit by a train and lost my right arm and right leg. I spent a year in a coma in the hospital, having more surgeries to transplant skin to my residual limb. I still have scars on my healthy leg because of it. In two years I came back home. I decided to open this page because I became tired of being ashamed of myself. First stage is denial, last one is acceptance. I decided not to hide from myself, but to face my issues, live with them, and try to have fun in life. Looking at myself in the mirror every day, I realized that I am a woman, who can bring beauty into this world. Thats why I decided to become a model. Currently, I am really interested in this subject, because there are some people who are interested in this characteristic. I am happy that they are there and they help me and and other amputee women to little victories in life over fear and shyness. They help realize that life goes on and its beautiful. That women amputees are sexy, attractive and beautiful. Amazing photos and videos are displayed on my page. I hope you like it.Looking back at the time after the accident, I only remember pain and surgeries, which I had at least 9. As I was growing, there were changes in my bones and, because of the growth of bones in my residual limbs, there were some tears in the soft tissue. It started with some light pain slowly progressing into a horrible one. Doctors waited until the end, with motivation that the less surgeries the better. Thank God its all in the past. Trying to wear prosthesis in childhood I encountered several issues, trying to walk on my prosthesis the entire day and trying to be like the rest of my peers, I used to get blisters and bloody bruises, and my arm prosthesis used to bruise my underarm. My doctor was trying to persuade not to wear them all the time and that I shouldnt be shy about it. I am very grateful to him for that, one right and kind word can certainly change the perception of oneself.

To be an amputee during adolescence years wasnt easy, but it were very informative years and I lived through them in my own way.Currently, comparing myself to normal girls, I am different and unique in my own way, like everyone else. Everyone is unique. My hobbies in childhood were different and versatile, I drew, wrote poetry and songs. Now, I draw, write a book, and many other things. I like classical music, opera, jazz, and contemporary artists. I don't have idols, and I will never have them, but I respect talent. I like reading books. I always try to expand my worldview, and make myself kinder and better. Its very important in our world, not to lose our humanity, and remain a center of light for people around us.






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